Billy's Bechstein Grand

One of the great joys of piano restoration, is seeing the transformation of a great instrument; from mediocre and poor tonal performance, to a wonderful concert standard instrument, capable of outstanding musical abilities.

This Model C Bechstein Grand was built in the 1880s and had reached the stage where my customers abilities and tonal expectations far outweighed the performance of the piano. 

We were able to lighten the touch weight significantly, which was a request by the owner, to enable him to play for extended periods, as he was suffering from mild arthritis in both hands. We also fitted a brand new sostenuto pedal system, bringing the piano right up to date and to a concert performing standard.

We undertook the restoration knowing that the improvement would be very substantial and would exceed our customers expectations. This is confirmed by his very complimentary letter which is shown in the ' About us' page with customer feedback.